Auralicious Audio

  • Aural def : relating to the ear or the sense of hearing. From the Latin auris

  • Auralicious def : like delicious, but imbibed via the ears. From the Beyonce bootylicious

WDB is obsessed with all things aural: informative podcasts, audio dramas, local music.

Here we share our favorites featured at the end of each podcast.

Girl in Space.jpg

Girl in Space

(Featured on Ep 39)

An audio drama about a girl trapped alone on a spaceship. With only the ships’ AI for companionship and Jurassic Park for entertainment, X gets along fine until they find her . . . and then everything about her life goes to hell in a hand-basket. Fun, funny, and mysterious, listen to Girl in Space wherever you find your podcasts.


The West Wing Weekly

(Featured on Ep 41)

If you’re a fan of The West Wing like we are this podcast is for you! Former cast member Joshua Malina and West Wing Super Fan and podcaster extraordinaire Hrishi Hirway dive deep into each epsiode of the s best show of all time. They also have the privilege of interviewing cast members as well as former and current political hot-shots


The Bechdel Cast

(Featured on Ep)

Lovers of Feminism and having your movies ruined in the most wonderful way, lend us your ears! The Bechdel Cast is here to analyze movies under a feminist lense and see if the movie passes the most basic of feminist tests: The Bechdel Wallace Test. Laugh along with these hysterical comediennes and maybe learn a little something too!


Binge Mode

(Featured on Ep)

Whether you consider yourself a nerd or a geek they both boil down to Passion. Mallory & Jason are passionate about stories, diving deep into the chapters of Harry Potter and every episode of Game of Thrones. Follow along in your rewatch of GoT as you prepare for the season 8 premiere or as you read Harry Potter for the 8th time.