A Night Out at Surly

Research at Surly tonight!  We loved our experience and definitely practiced our taste testing and how we say things. We aren't going to go into detail again about what beers we tried and what we loved (there was a lot of love and the winner of the night was Spice Boyz) so that we can do an episode or two about Surly.  The food was good too.  We really liked Surly.

But here is what we learned about the process today:

  1. Show up with a full phone battery

  2. A lot more phone staring than a normal night out. #millennials

  3. Always have water when taste testing to counteract different beer flavors

  4. When Katie takes the pictures and Cathy does the website, that puts the pics not in the same place as where they’re needed.

  5. Tell everyone and anyone about the podcast. Katie is better about that than Cathy.

  6. This is going to be awesome.