Maker’s Corner

The maker’s corner is our way of putting good out into the world and highlight those makers who inspire us! They are crafters, artists, artisans, bloggers, podcasters, and so much more. Like WDB, they are expressing themselves by putting something out into the world to share their passions. Please browse, follow, shop, and contact these wonderful makers!


Craft Notes

(listen to the segment starting at 18:51 of Ep 39: Modist Brewing)

Craft Notes is your passport to the crème de la crème of Minnesota breweries, distilleries, and now Coffee! Born as a side project of Thrifty Hip, Matt Dowgwillo created Craft Notes to highlight those he and his team felt were the best in their craft. Craft Notes is now on it's third passport (not including the new coffee passport) and now have a thriving social club via their app.

We at WDB chose Craft Notes as one of our first Makers because it’s all about promoting those in the craft industry who are making Minnesota an epicenter of artisanal beverages. The beautiful passports allow you to make notes and keep something tactile of your journey through our great state. The new social club via the app brings together all those who love craft beer, cocktails, and coffee to celebrate what has become not just a hobby but a lifestyle.

Follow Craft Notes on IG @craft_notes, Twitter @Craft_Note

Find them on Facebook and at their Website to start your craft notes adventure!

Candidly K Made It (Candidly K Handmade)

(listen to the segment starting at 13:16 of Ep 41: Mikkeller San Diego)

Kristin of Candidly K Made It took the leap into full-time jewelry making and hasn’t looked back! We talk a LOT about how you can get the word “fuck” printed on a beautiful piece of silver jewelry, but it’s so much more than that. WDB has been following Candidly K Handmade (the name of the actual business) for over a year and watching her grow in her creativity while balancing her work life with her family life and it has been an amazing journey.

Here I have the pieces that we own, Most notable is Cathy’s “It’s too peopley outside” keychain which she handled over reluctantly for my little photo shoot. Kristin’s unique voice comes out through her jewelry: a little sassy, a little introspective, but always candid and that’s why she’s our featured Maker.

Follow Candidly K Made It on Instagram @candidlykmadeit & Twitter @candidlykmadeit

Shop her wares via Facebook and on her amazing website Candidly K Handmade


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Makers do not sponsor Women Drinking Beer. They are selected for their ingenuity, passion, & dedication.