Here you'll find a full catalog of the beer we try on the show.  Read our review of the beer and find links to the correlating episode and brewery website.


Goose Island: 312 Urban Wheat Ale

Listen to EP2: Goose Island (08/01/2017)

Style: Urban Wheat   ABV: 4.2% IBU: 18

WDB Color Scale: Liquid Sunshine

WDB Says: The 312 Urban Wheat was underwhelming. It was hoppier than expekted  but sessionable, and both Katie and Cathy liked the crispness of the taste.  Cathy's favorite of the episode.

Learn More at Goose Island's Website!


Atwater Brewing: Vanilla Java Porter

Listen to EP3: Atwater Brewing (08/01/2017)

Style: English Porter ABV: 5% IBU: 13

WDB Color Scale: Beer Bottle Brown

WDB Says: After spending a summer being obsessed with Coffee Porters, Cathy was anticipating the Vanilla Java Porter quite a bit, and was not disappointed.  The coffee flavor was strong and it was still very smooth. 

Learn more at Atwater Brewing's Website!


Surly Brewing: Furious

Listen to EP5: Surly (08/15/2017)

Style: IPA ABV: 6.7%

WDB Color Scale: Dino DNA Amber

WDB Says: Surly tries to defy categorizing the Furious.  The color of an amber with the hops of an IPA?  Tricks your brain just a little bit.  It's a very hoppy beer.  Katie liked it, but disagreed with the brewery’s claim of it being balanced. 

Learn more at Surly's website!


Third Street Minnesota Gold.jpg

Third Street Brewhouse: Minnesota Gold

Listen to EP21: Third Street Brewhouse (01.25.2018)

Style: Lager ABV: 4.9% IBU: 15

WDB Color Scale: Belle's dress

WDB Says: Crisp, cool, and sparkly, this lager is mild, balanced, fizzy and clean.  Cathy reminisced about summer barbecues, this being a perfect brew to go along with a burger.  Both agreed that it's a good, solid, basic beer (basic in a good way!)  

Learn more at the Third Street Brewhouse Website!



Goose Island: Honkers Ale

Listen to EP2: Goose Island (08/01/2017)

Style: English Style Bitter  ABV: 4.3%  IBU: 30

WDB Color Scale:  Thorin OAKenshield

WDB Says: The Goose Honkers Ale is very similar to the 312 Wheat (also from Goose Island), however, it is less complex and a little bit more bitter than expectations. Katie enjoyed it more than Cathy, but both were underwhelmed.

Learn More at Goose Island's Website!

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Kona Brewing: Longboard Island Lager


Listen to EP4: Kona (08/08/2017)

Style:Lager ABV: 4.6% IBU: 20

WDB Color Scale: Liquid Sunshine

WDB Says: A watery body but crisp citrus finish, basically it’s beer, good ol’ American beer.  We really couldn't say more than that, so we’ll say it again: it tastes like beer.

Learn more at Kona Brewing's Website!


Surly Brewing Co: Hell

Listen to EP5: Surly (08/15/2017) 

Style: German Style Munich Helles Lager ABV: 5%

WDB Color Scale: Belle's Dress Yellow

WDB Says: A nice pale yellow Lager that is more reminiscent of an IPA than a lager, but a good taste.  Katie noted especially the bready taste.  It has got an intense flavor to it that kind of builds.  Don’t let the cheerios taste turn you off of the Lager, it's a solid choice.

Learn More at Surly's website! 


Goose Island: Goose IPA

Listen to EP2: Goose Island (08/01/2017)

Style: India Pale Ale  ABV: 5.9%  IBU: 55

WDB Color Scale: Dino DNA Amber

WDB Says: The best IPA Cathy has ever tried!  No sarcasm, no fake politeness.  It opens with a nice malty taste, and it takes just a little bit for the hops to overwhelm you.  Check out the video on the blog of Cathy trying the IPA.  It was Katie's favorite of the episode. 

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Kona Brewing: Big Wave Golden Ale

Listen to EP4: Kona (08/08/2017)

Style: Golden Ale ABV: 4.4% IBU: 21

WDB Color Scale: Belle's Dress Yellow

WDB Says: The Big Wave Golden Ale was similar in vibe to the Long Board Lager but with a warmer, deeper color and flavor and without the crispness of the lager or the juicy fruit notes of the wheat.

Learn More at Kona Brewing's Website!


Surly Brewing Co: Coffee Bender

Listen to EP5: Surly (08/15/2017)

Style: Coffee Flavored American Oatmeal Brown Ale ABV: 5.5%

WDB Color Scale: Beer Bottle Brown

WDB Says: A strong coffee flavor is a defining factor for this beer.  If you like both strong beer and strong coffee, this is also amazing.  There are notes of sweetness.  In a completely predictable decision, this was Cathy and Katie’s favorite of the episode.

Learn More at Surly's Website!


Atwater Brewery: Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

Listen to EP3: Atwater Brewery (08/01/2017)

Style: Strong Brown Ale  ABV: 5%  IBU: 11

WDB Color Scale: Beer Bottle Brown

WDB Says: It's a hit!  It's both sweet and bitter, like a nice dark chocolate: extremely smooth and a great aroma.  Both Cathy and Katie couldn't get enough of it. Both agree that it was the best of the episode.

Learn More at Atwater's Website!

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Kona Brewing: Wailua Wheat

Listen to EP4: Kona (08/08/2017)

Style: Wheat Ale ABV: 5.4% IBU: 15

WDB Color Scale: Hazy Belle's Dress Yellow

WDB Says: If you're looking for something on the fruity side but still a true beer then the Wailua Wheat is for you. Juicy with passion fruit notes. The sunshiney taste is great for patios or on the water. Cathy's favorite of the episode.

Learn more at Kona Brewing's Website!


Alaskan: Amber

Listen to EP6: Alaskan (08/22/2017)

Style: Alt-Style Ale ABV: 5.3% IBU: 18

WDB Color Skale: Dino DNA Amber

WDB Says: This one was Katie’s favorite to an almost inappropriate level as she wanted to take it on a date.  Reminding her of a hayride in the fall this is a warm, smooth, herbal brew, with notes of apple cider.

Learn More at Alaskan's Website!